Our Launch

Willow Tree Sanctuary Willow Tree


Welcome to Willow Tree Sanctuary!
Willow Tree Sanctuary is a registered not-for-profit charity dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating farm and domestic animals.
We work with farmers, private surrenders and local councils to re-home neglected, abused or at-risk animals into loving environments, where they can safely live long and happy lives.
We are committed to creating a world where all animals are treated with dignity and respect. Where farm animals have the same rights and status as domestic pets, achieved through education, advocacy and lived experiences at our sanctuaries throughout Australia.
Willow Tree Sanctuary’s headquarters is located in the Byron Bay Hinterland. We also have a group of dedicated foster carers and volunteers across the country who work tirelessly to bring in-need animals into their homes and paddocks where they rehabilitate and await adoption.
Today is our launch- and we are so excited to introduce you to some of the amazing others we have been caring for! [updates to come]


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