Animal Profile

Adopt a calf

Name: Moo
Breed: Jersey
Age: Less than a week
Approx Weight: Everything
Medical Notes: Requires bottle feeding twice daily. Will require banding and vaccinations when of age.
Behavioural Notes None
Location Brisbane, Byron Bay & Surrounds
Adoption Price $150 per calf
Once again, we are deep in calving season, where many Mothers give birth to babies- babies that will die if born male. 😔 Male calves are the waste products of the dairy industry, often bolted at birth and left in the field to die a slow death.
💔In recent times, Willow Tree Sanctuary has been working with Dairy Farmers to change this narrative for male poddy calves. 🙂
These calves will require twice daily bottle feeding until they learn to graze on their own. We intend for our friends to live out their full 20-25-year life span, existing for their own purpose as pets and lawn mowers. Not as food or for on sale. ⭐️
– Forever safe under the Willow Tree. 🌳 ❤️
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