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This pretty lady is ADOPTION ready!

Meet our Roxy she is a classic staffy girl, smart and playful and an all-around sweetheart who loves to give affection and enjoys human interaction.

Roxy is active and full of stamina and she can play and run for hours, if you are young at heart and energetic, she might just be your perfect companion. Despite her enthusiasm for playing, Roxy is not destructive and can be trusted to keep a calm demeanour in the home.

Her intelligence makes her a quick learner, so she’ll be eager to learn new tricks and commands. Roxy loves food, making her especially motivated during training sessions. Plus, she’s already crate trained and doesn’t bark excessively. With her gentle disposition and enthusiasm for learning,

An often misunderstood breed, the lovable American Staffordshire terrier (AmStaff, Staff, or Staffy, for short) is a loyal, athletic, and highly trainable dog who shows attentiveness to their owners and surprising athleticism. Roxy will make an excellent companion for any household!

Fun Facts about Staffies:
*Their endearing and enthusiastic personality can make them ideal family pets.
*The fun-loving side gives you an energetic playmate who craves mental and physical challenges
*These intelligent and athletic dogs were bred for helping to track down rodents and vermin on farms.

* Age: 1 year 2 months
* Breed: American Staffy x
* Friendly with: Bigger dogs and humans
* Behavioural notes: Cuddle bugs, super smart, kind and gentle with children.
* Medical notes: Nil
* House trained: Yes
* Location: South Coast, NSW – WTS will help the right adopter source transport for interstate adoptions.

While under the care of Willow Tree Sanctuary, our dogs are desexed (at the right age) microchipped, vaccinated, heartworm tested (6 months+), treated monthly for parasites and have any other necessary vet treatment required.

Note: We recommend all pups and their adopters attend puppy and obedience training to give them the opportunity to become the best versions of themselves.

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