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Meet Pippa, our adorable Cattle x pup, who through no fault of her own started his life in a rural pound. ❤️

We have the opportunity to change Pippa’s life, and allow her to flourish in the safety of a family he can call his very own. 😍

⭐️ Fun facts about Cattle dogs:
✅ Highly affectionate, and social
✅ Great with children and care deeply for their loved ones
✅ Agility and obedience Champions (and make excellent frisbee players)!
✅ Naturally stylish with low grooming needs

Pippa will be best suited to a family who will have plenty of space for her to explore and keep his mind and body active as she grows into her paws! In return, you’ll have a loyal companion with a heart as big as their stature! 🙌

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