Animal Profile


Age: 4 Years 2 Months
Breed: Australian Cattle Dog
Male/Female: Male
Friendly With: Everyone!
Behavioural Notes: None
Vet Notes: None
Desexed: Yes
Vaccinated: Yes
Location: Byron Bay, Brisbane and Surrounds
Adoption Fee: $500

My name is Elvis and I have entered the building!
My foster carer describes me as a super intelligent, wholly loving, cuddly teddy bear. But I describe myself as a handsome, fast learning gentleman, who is loyal and ready to be your best friend.
I love playing ball, long showers, and being right by your side darlin’. When it comes to manners, I’m a perfect gentleman. I wait patiently for dinner, I’m playful with the kids, and respect giving other’s their personal space.
I’ve got a lot o’ living to do, a whole lot o’ loving to do, but to make a party takes two- shall we?

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