Animal Profile


Age: 25 weeks
Breed: Rottweiler x Neapolitan Mastiff
Male/Female: Male
Friendly With: Everyone
Behavioural Notes: None
Vet Notes: None
Desexed: Yes
Vaccinated: Yes
Location: Brisbane, Byron Bay & Surrounds
Adoption Fee: $800

Hello I am Dustin. I am an old soul and catch on pretty quickly to what is going on around me. I also have a pretty adorable puppy face.

I appreciate the calm lifestyle. I mastered crate life in a day, and really like it in there for mini retreats. I think my favourite thing is naps. I spend most of my day relaxing or playing with a toy, until my fur sister starts up play time. I’m a little clumsy in comparison to her, she’s so quick! Sometimes we get a little too excited so need a firm no and we calm it down.

I love food! These things you’re telling me to do, simple! Doesn’t take long for me to know what you need me to do for a treat. I am getting better at not jumping, and will wag my tail over to you to say hello.

I met some calm, older neighbours children the other day and I loved the attention. I’m a savvy dude but will need some further training and socialisation as I haven’t met any other dogs than my (literal) fur sister.

So far I’m content at being independent; I’ll come find you if I feel like it but I’m more than happy if you come find me first and give me a cuddle. My foster parents have been building a fence and I’ve stayed calm through the loud noises.

Also, the spot on my back is a perfect circle!

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