Animal Profile


Age: 1 Year 8 Months
Breed: Australian Kelpie
Male/Female: Male
Friendly With: Dogs and Humans
Behavioural Notes: None
Vet Notes: None
Desexed: Yes
Vaccinated: Yes
Location: Byron Bay, Brisbane and Surrounds
Adoption Fee: $600

Hi there! My name is Almond, you may be wondering where my name comes from? Well…I have the cutest almond shaped eyebrows and my coat is a beautiful almond and honey colour. There are a few favourite things that I like to do and enjoy taking my humans with me when I do these. I love car rides with the windows down so I can have some fresh air and sunshine on my snoot. I like to follow my humans around to see what they are doing because I love their company. I love going on walks in the morning or in the evening, well actually, ALWAYS!! Sometimes I get scared when I hear loud noises, but you can tell when I am feeling this way because I tuck my tail between my legs. If I am at home and get scared by a loud noise, I will make sure I come looking for you, so I know that I am safe. I enjoy laying down in quiet places and relaxing. My favourite food is warm toast with butter and when I see that you have some toast, I make Chewbacca like noises to make sure you know that I want to share 😉 I hope that my humans can help me to build my confidence and teach me all of the great things in life that I may have missed out on in my early years. I can’t wait to meet you!

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