Animal Profile


Age: 9 weeks
Breed: Boxer x
Male/Female: Male
Friendly With: Everyone, I’m a puppy!
Behavioural Notes: None
Vet Notes: None
Desexed: Will be
Vaccinated: Yes
Location: Brisbane, Byron Bay & Surrounds
Adoption Fee: $800

Willow Tree Sanctuary is abundant with love and life- very new life in fact! 🌳 ❀️

We recently welcomed a new AFL litter in need of a home and a safe place. 😍
They are curious, adventurous and lovable. They love to play and have a good game of tug a war then relax for a sleep and cuddles.

Now they need families to guide them as they explore deeper into the woods πŸ™‚Can you help lead them? πŸ™πŸ»

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